Let's Dance 2022 Prague International Festival
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Let's Dance 14th anniversary: July 21–24, 2022

Thank you for being with us. See you in 2024!

Květa Hofnerová

Květa Hofnerová


Květa Hofnerová is a Centrum Tance lecturer. She dances and teaches various dance styles such as musical dance, Jazz Dance, Ballet, MTV Dance, Contemporary. She started her dance career at the Basic Art School of Litvinov, then she continued her studies at the Dance Conservatory Center Prague. She deepened her education under the guidance of other lecturers - Adéla Pollertová, Václav Janeček, Eran Gisin, Richard Mach, Rastislav Letenaje, etc..

As part of the former dance group Kreč ZUŠ Litvínov, she participated in many competitions in which the group regularly progressed from regional rounds to the Championship of the Republic. Among the best achievements is the second place in the Czech Championship - JazzDance, progress to the finals in the categories of parquet dance composition and show formation, multiple participation in the nationwide show of stage dance, performing at various social events. She co-created joint choreography and choreography of the fashion show of the final of the contest "The Fight of the Brides 2016".

Currently she performs in the Filip Jankovič´s F. J. Unit dance group and she extends her dance skills at HAMU in Prague. You could also meet Květa in magazines and other press Interviews.

Workshops during Let's Dance 2022

Unfortunately there are no workshops for 2022 at the moment