Let's Dance 2022 Prague International Festival
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Let's Dance 2021: July 21–24, 2022

Ladies Show Dance Competition & Open Dance Stage

Saturday July 23, 2022 7:30pm, venue TBA, Entry Fee: 190 CZK

Hot news

Ladies Show Dance Competition for groups! The competition will be interspersed by performances as part of the Open Dance Stage.

3rd annual Ladies show dance competition

  • When: Saturday July 17, 2021 from 8:00pm
  • Where: place to be specified
  • Ticket: 150 CZK
  • It is possible to come during the program.

Competition information and basic rules

The competition is public and single-round. Every group is composed of a minimum of three group members. Competition is opened to all possible dance styles (such as latin dance, street dance, afro, flirt dance, orient...). The performance could include elements of the show, cabaret and story... The most important element is to entertain and emotionally touch the audience. The jury appreciates the choreography, costumes, synchronization, formation, technique, but especially the overall impression of the performance. The main advantage of this competition is that there are no technical limits; the most important factor is the FEELING.


... how else, simply stars!

  • Filip Jankovič – graduate of the dance conservatory, choreographer, dance teacher, finalist of the "Česko Slovensko má talent" competition
  • Natálie Otáhalová – nine-time champion in Latin American, standard and 10 dances, well known from the last series of TV show "Star Dance"
  • Růženka Kunstýřová – World champion in pole sport 2015 in the women's category and in the doubles category, semi-finalist of the"Česko Slovensko má talent" competition, winner of many major awards from the top competitions in Latin American and standard dances


Juniors (age up to 17 years)

Entry fee 150 CZK / person, booking for more performances 100 CZK / person. In the Juniors category there can be at most 1 Adult group member.

Adults (from 18 years)

Entry fee 250 CZK / person, booking for more performances 200 CZK / person. In the Adults category there can be at most 1 Junior.

The group should be female, but partly participation of men is accepted.

For winners

  • Certificate of participation in the competition
  • Winner cup
  • Free video for the winner
  • 50% discount on tickets for Let's Dance Show when you buy tickets until May 31, 2022
  • Gifts from partners
  • Gift vouchers from the Dance Center
  • And a particularly unique experience and the ability to change your strength in a unique competition with the Star Jury!

Results of competition 2018


  • 1st place – TS-Paul Dance z.s. – Ladies – Jeptišky
  • 2nd place – Ležérní mršky
  • 3rd place – Kroksemkroktam

Children & Teens

  • 1st place – Pearls of the Orient – Fairies
  • 2nd place – Pearls of the Orient – Magic orient
  • 3rd place – Juniorky

Variety of dance styles, free atmosphere, space for improvisation… it is an open dance stage, an inseparable part of our festival. Free of charge for all performers. Online registrations available from February 2021.