Let's Dance 2013 Prague International Festival

Let’s enjoy Let’s Dance Prague International Festival 2013!

Let’s Dance Prague International Festival will be held in Prague from July 25 till July 28, 2013.

We invite you to all workshops, shows and competitions!

Let's Dance Prague International Festival is one of the largest festivals of its kind in Central Europe. Next to oriental dance the festival offers a large variety of other dance styles

- such as flirt dance, flamenco, bollywood, tribal and many others.

The festival events, shows, competitions and workshops are prepared for all dance fans from the Czech Republic as well as from the whole world.

For further information do not  hesitate to contact us by e-mail info@letsdance.cz or by the phone 00420 266 190 300.

We are looking forward to seeing you in July!

Let’s Dance Prague Oriental Competition

Friday July 26, 2013, 05:00pm, ABC Theatre

The competition will be open to the public. The competition is open to maximum 10 solo dancers and 10 groups in each category. Participants will compete according to the order of the receipt date of the registration document and fee.

Registration deadline: June 30, 2013


  • Aleksei Riaboshapka
  • Simona Minisini
  • Jasvinder Singh
  • Antje
  • Osama Mimi Farag

Dance styles:

  • Raks sharqi – solo / group
  • Folkloric dance – solo / group
  • Fantasy & fusion – solo / group
  • Bollywood - group

Max. length of performance:

  • solo:  3,5 minutes
  • group: 2 - 4 minutes


  • € 50 - solo (when attending more than one category – 40 € per each application)
  • € 10 - per each person in group


  1. Raks sharqi
    possible to connect with drum solo (max. 0:50 minutes for solo or 2 minutes for group) or with dance properties (veil, stick etc) – max. 0:30 min
  2. Folkloric dance
    folkloric dance styles also with properties - Saidi, Baladi, Hagalla, dance with shamadan, elaya, Dabke, Nubian dance, Khaleegy, dance with tamburine, Bambouti, Muwashahat, Tanoora, Ghawazee, Persian dance, Zaar, Iraqi…
  3. Fantasy & fusion
    dance with Isis wings, veil, fan veils, feather veils, sword, candles, poi, fusion with flamenco, salsa and another styles – min. 1 minute of the performance has to contain bellydance
  4. Bollywood

SHOW: Gala Oriental

Saturday July 27, 2013, 08:00pm, ABC Theatre

After the latest Gala Oriental Show we are going to do our best and present incredible experience of Gala Oriental 2013! Show will host festival stars: Aleksei Riaboshapka, Simona Minisini, Jasvinder Singh, Antje and Osama Mimi Farag, as well as the winners and winning groups of Let’s Dance Prague Oriental Competition. We have prepared some surprises as well… Let’s enjoy the great Gala Oriental!

Tickets and reservations from June, 2013 at info@letsdance.cz.

Workshops list

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Festival full pass

Let’s Dance with Festival card!

*Save more than € 140!
*Tickets for the show and competitions for free!

The festival card (full pass) permits you to attend all workshops with foreign and Czech lecturers during the Let’s Dance Prague International Festival 2013 (July 25-28, 2013).
Above that you will get free ticket for Let’s Dance Prague Oriental Competition (Friday July 26, 2013) and show Gala Oriental (Saturday July 27, 2013).

Price: € 280

Order the Festival full pass.


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