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Master Teachers

Nour (Egypt / Russia)
Yasser al Swery (Syria)
Wael Mansour (Egypt / Italy)
Amparo Núñez (Chile)
Sunny Singh (India)

Marice Yeka (Congo)


Egypt / Russia

Originally from Moscow,Nour is one of the most famous oriental dancers. Although a foreigner, Nour managed to build a successful carem of a professional Dance in the oriental world, including Cairo.
Nour is also a professional instructor, generously sharing her vast experiences.
Nour and her husband, Yasser Al Swery will be travelling to Prague for the first time during the 6th annual international Prague Let´s Dance Festival 2011.
Nour will be teaching two dance workshops – Classical oriental „Esmaoni“ and baladi. She will also head the panel of jury in the competition for professional oriental dancers and groups. Above all, she will perform in the galashow, accompanied by live singing by Yasser Al Swery.

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Wael Mansour

Egypt / Italy

Wael Mansour is charismatic and gifted dancer, who specializes in oriental folkloric dances and modern oriental dance. Originally from Cairo, where he learned to dance as a child, Wael now resides in Italy and travels to teach oriental dance worldwide.

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Sunny Singh


In Prague for the first time! Sunny Singh, professional dancer and choreographer from India, will take you to the exotic world of Bollywood films.
Don´t miss Sunny Singh´s two dance workshops and an unforgettable show during Let´s Dance Prague International Festival 2011!

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Yasser al Swery


Yasser is a singer and a multi-talented artist from Syria. He will travel to Prague for the first time to take part in the 6th annual international festival Prague Let´s Dance 2011. He will perform along with his wife, Nour, in the galaevening that will take place on Saturday, July 30, 2011. Yasser will hold one folkloric workshop – dabke. He will also be a part of the jury in the competition for professional oriental dancers and groups.

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Amparo Núñez


Amparo Núñez comes from Chille. She performs and she gives lessons and workshops in many countries round the world. She studied flamenco in Chille, USA, Mexiko, Argentina and Spain. In Spain she got her education among others from Mari Magdalena, Hennri Burgas and Maximo Hita. Amparo found a group called Peňa Flamenca, where she performs.
Her dance is very suggestive and explosive. She handles the technique "zapateado" and plays knackers/castanets very well. You will find her workshops very inspiring. Amparo has a special gift not only to inspire you but she will show you how to improve your dance as well and among others she will wake the desire to "go on" in you.

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Maurice Yeka


Maurice is originally from Congo. He is an international dancer, choreograph and instructor of African contemporary and traditional dance. During his career, he has worked with many international troupes in East Africa and abroad and gained experience in modern and traditional African dance. Maurice´s talent lies in creating dance performances, leading art projects, as well as teaching dance workshops.
Maurice´s dance focus lies in inner understanding movement through various traditions of his homeland. He is inspired by the painful history of his fellow and the emotions that developed from being away from his country.
Maurice characterizes himself as an artist without frontiers in expressing himself. He considers his life as a work of art.

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