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Organization team

Ilona Reimannová
festival manager
Telefon: +420 266 190 300
Telefon: +420 606 706 231

Ing. Lucie Matalová
PR manager
Telefon: +420 774 945 361

Karolina Idrisová
foreign correspondent
Telefon: +420 266 190 300
Telefon: +420 777 819 682

Ing. Daniela Sotáková
partnership, sponsoring
Telefon: +420 266 190 300

Mailing address
Allstar Group s.r.o.
Let's Dance
Novákových 1954/20a
180 00 Praha 8

Telefon: +420 266 190 300
Web: www.letsdance.cz

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Account number in IBAN code: CZ9255000000000882529001
The bank: Raiffeisenbank, Karlovo náměstí 10, Praha 2, 12000, The Czech Republic
The owner of the account: Allstar Group s.r.o, Novákových 1954/20a, 18000 Praha 8, The Czech Republic
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