Let's Dance - Prague International Festival - Festival program

Program of the festival - July 24 - 28, 2008 - PRAGUE

Date Workshops   Afternoon and evening program
24. 7.
Master teachers:    
Osama Emam (Egypt) - Modern Raks Sharki (orient)
Other workshops:
Oriental dance with Isis wings, flirt dance, modern dance, latin dance with StarDance 2 winner Iva Langerová
25. 7.
Master teachers:   Dance night - 20:00

Various dance show: hip hop, latin-american dances, flamenco, and many others.
Osama Emam (Egypt)
Jillina (USA)
- Nubian dance (orient)
- Shaabi (orient)

Other workshops:
Oriental dance with veil, oriental flamenco - spanish arabic fusion with double fans, flirt dance, street dance, flamenco, bollywood, salsa, tap dance
26. 7.
Master teachers:   Open dance stage - 11:00 - 18:00

This is the chance for everybody, Professional and amateur dancers, dance schools etc. to present themselves on the stage in front of the Prague audience. All dance styles are welcome: modern, jazz, salsa, samba, tribal, oriental etc.

Bazaar - 11:00 - 18:00

Stands and booths with dance supplies, souvenirs, costumes, snacks and many other.

Oriental dance competition - 20:30

Competition for professional dancers in Raks Sharqi and groups in oriental dance (regardless of style).
Jillina (USA)
Osama Emam (Egypt)
Lubna Emam (Egypt)
Amparo Núñez (Chile)
- Percussive precision (orient)
- Baladi / Ghawazy (orient)
- Melaya Laf (orient)
- Flamenco

Other workshops:
Poweryoga, Flirt Dance, Street Dance, Flamenco, Bollywood, Salsa for pairs, learn to play tabla, Bharatanatyam, Latin Dance with StarDance winner Iva Langerová

27. 7.
Master teachers:   Gala evening of the Stars - 20:00

Impressive dance show with oriental flair. Festival Master Teachers will perform along with other guests of the festival.
Lubna Emam (Egypt)
Jillina (USA)
Osama Emam (Egypt)
- Classical oriental dance (orient)
- Oriental fusion (orient)
- Iskandarani (orient)

Other workshops:
Poweryoga, Oriental dance (Saidi with stick), Flirt Dance, Street Dance, Flamenco, Samba, Salsa
28. 7.
Master teachers:    
Lubna Emam (Egypt)
- Cairo-Baladi (orient)

Other workshops:
Poweryoga, Flirt Dance

Program is still subject to change.