Let's Dance - Prague International Festival - Gala show

Galashow of stars - Sunday July 27, 2008 20:00 hod

Star Galashow is an exclusive dance performance by internationally acclaimed (not only) oriental stars. In this year´s galashow program: Madame Lubna Emam (Egypt), Jillina (USA), Osama Emam (Egypt) and many others. Also performing: winners of oriental dance competition (solo dancer and group).

Art Direction: Lubna Emam (Egypt)

Scenario and dramaturgy: Karolina Idrisová

Master of Ceremony: Dominik Arte

Venue of the evening: Blaník Theatre, Václavské náměstí 56, Praha 1

Expected audience: 450 - 500 spectators

Photos from workshops from last year's festival (click for larger picture):

Let's Dance 2007

Let's Dance 2007

Let's Dance 2007

Hearn Gadbois
Let's Dance 2007

Rena Milgrom
Let's Dance 2007

Layali al Shark
Let's Dance 2007

Osama Emam
Let's Dance 2007

Lubna Emam