Let's Dance - Prague International Festival - Harmonogram

Festival program July 26 - 29 2007 - PRAHA (Prague)

26. 7. (Thursday)   Workshops
Oriental Dance, Samba, Pair Salsa Cubana, Osama Emam
27. 7. (Friday)  

22,00 - 24,00
Oriental Dance, Samba, Flirt dance, Street dance, Modern Dance, Jillina, Osama Emam
Raks Sharqi competition
Competition of professional dancers
28. 7. (Saturday)

11,00 - 16,00

20,00 - 22,30
Oriental Dance, Samba, Step, Flamenco, Indian Dance, Bollywood, Jillina, Osama Emam, School of Rhytms and Drumming with Hearn Gadbois

Dance Show - Open Dance Stage (Blaník Theatre)
Many dance schools as well as single dancers from the whole Czech Republic will present themselves with different performances of oriental dances, modern and Latin-American dances such as samba, salsa, Hip Hop, R´n´B etc.

Hot Egyptian Night - dance show in egyptian style (Blaník Theatre)
The program of the whole evening was composed by the great dancer and choreographer from Cairo Mrs. LUBNA EMAM.
29. 7. (Sunday)

19,00 - 22,00
Oriental Dance, Persian Dance, Salsa, R´n´B, Scenic Dance, Jillina, Osama Emam

Festival Closing Party (Palmovka Dance Center)

Detailed schedule of workshops available here.

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